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haizzik Collection

A collection of designer-grade, original drawings illustrated by Kyle Wayne Kizziah




40 hours of change.

This pillow is full of the memories of the relationships that I have had with myself that have come and gone. The new ones that I have made, buttoning down the old to not forget-- and enlightening me into a moment of clarity. It was a time for self decision, growth, and challenge. Those moments are cherished because they looked me in the eyes, broke me down to nothing, and enabled me to look into myself -- what was I made of? What am I doing? Who am I to be? Am I doing the right thing? The most important relationship I had with myself was the one where I believed in me.

By purchasing this artwork, it seals your own history into its design with the past and the future. You will receive it in a professional, white frame under museum-grade glass. You will also receive the actual, three-button Transition pillow. The artwork is forever preserved with archival ink on pristinely textured, acid-free paper.

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