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haizzik Collection

A collection of designer-grade, original drawings illustrated by Kyle Wayne Kizziah




100 hours of ink, paper, and passion. Prada on paper.

The use of black color in the Prada logo symbolizes integrity, purity, nature, elegance and strength. Founded in 1913 - Milan, Italy by Mario Prada. Currently designed by his grand-daughter Miuccia Prada.

I am always so inspired by the history of old companies. It is one of the main things that draws me towards the love of product design, brand, trend, and monochromatic photography.

There were a lot of decisions that went into this piece. Finding the right bag, crumpling it up (which is harder than it looks), photo-sesh, print, and deciding on whether I would go lighter or darker - and the size.

Many hours and countless nights working on this piece. It's full of my hard work, my thoughts, and my ambitions. All it needs is a wall to fill.

* This artwork was featured for 6 months in The Georgia Classic Center in Athens. It was featured in the black-and-white exhibition called "HIGH CONTRAST".

By purchasing this artwork, it seals your own history into its design with the past and the future. You will receive it in a professional, white frame under museum-grade glass. The artwork is forever preserved with archival ink on pristinely textured, acid-free paper.

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