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haizzik Collection

A collection of designer-grade, original drawings illustrated by Kyle Wayne Kizziah




40 hours of connecting myself to something else.

This pillow is full of the memories of fighting with myself on what kind of artist I was, and who I wanted others to see me as. In the end I realized that no matter what my work becomes, I am the same artist as I once was. It's funny. You can look inwardly. You can question your future. But you know yourself more than you can capably imagine without the self-awareness and acknowledgment. Your choices are bent on your motives and actions before you stop to blink. I linked myself to another passion of mine. But I am the same artist as I once was and will be.

By purchasing this artwork, it seals your own history into its design with the past and the future. You will receive it in a professional, white frame under museum-grade glass. You will also receive the actual, Linked pillow. The artwork is forever preserved with archival ink on pristinely textured, acid-free paper.

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