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haizzik Collection

A collection of designer-grade, original drawings illustrated by Kyle Wayne Kizziah

Bag & Boots

Bag & Boots


46 hours of new beginnings.

The drawing that started my passion, and ideas for my collection. The memories of the objects in question: the bag, and the boots. The history behind objects that make me wonder. The lack of color in the midst of all of that texture. The purpose of the object. The didactic nature of its form, and utility placed right in front of you without obstruction, or abstractive behavior. The sterility. The history.

The bag was given to me as a birthday present on my 18th birthday by my grandmother. The boots, my 20th birthday by her daughter. The two make up my past, my present, and future history. The only reason I am alive today, and the only reason you have these two objects to look at in wonder. These objects, in return, also objectify me to tell my story.

* This artwork was featured for 2 months in The Lyndon House 40th Juried Exhibition in Athens, Georgia. It received an honorable mention, 1 of 13, in a show of 194 works, with almost 1000 submissions by the the guest Juror Carter E. Foster of the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.

* This artwork is published in The Lyndon House 40th Juried Exhibition art catalogue.

* This artwork was also featured for 6 months in The Georgia Classic Center in Athens. It was featured in the black-and-white exhibition called "HIGH CONTRAST".

By purchasing this artwork, it seals your own history into its design with the past and the future. You will receive it in a professional, white frame under museum-grade glass. The artwork is forever preserved with archival ink on pristinely textured, acid-free paper.

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